Black Teas from Around the World

Camellia sinensis is the plant that both green and black tea comes from, but the varying flavors come from the method of treating the leaves once they’re picked. Most of the tea drunk in the West is black tea, and is most likely the type you drink everyday.

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The Art of Chai

Chai is a flavored tea popular in India and other parts of Asia. Some of the most commonly used flavorings are Ginger,Cardamom, Fennel Seeds, Tulsi, and Cinnamon.

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Yogi Tea

Yogi tea is a spiced tea which originates in the northern Indian state of Punjab. Yogi tea has even more spices than chai which gives it a distinctive taste as well as extra health benefits.

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Lapsang Souchong

Lapsang Souchong is a black Chinese tea that originates in the Wu Yi Mountains of China's Fujian province. Tea produced at this point of origin is considered "real" Lapsang Souchong and is a relatively rare tea as demand exceeds supply.

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English Tea

English tea is usually blended black tea served with milk and sugar. There are several blends of English tea including Earl Grey, Irish Breakfast, and English Breakfast. Indian teas are most often used to make English tea blends.

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