The Many Ways to Make Tea

Tea bags are convenient, but the best quality tea is loose leaf tea. If you want to experience the full flavor of tea, it's no contest between loose leaf tea and tea bags. How are you preparing it?

Tea is part of the social fabric of Taiwan. The long history of tea in Taiwan has secured its status as an integral part of Taiwan culture.

The Japanese tea ceremony is an integral part of Japanese culture. It is something everyone can take part in, and most Japanese have experienced the tea ceremony by being a guest at one.

Tea parties span generations and will be enjoyed by your most sophisticated women friends or all the giggling little girls of your acquaintance.

What to do with those used tea leaves? Just throw them in the garbage? Surely those fine tea leaves must have value after they have been brewed.

A Japanese tea garden is an enclosed garden in which stands a small tea house where the Japanese tea ceremony (chanoyu or sado) is held. The Japanese tea garden has an important function in preparing the participants of the Japanese tea ceremony.

The Japanese tea ceremony is a highly ritualised procedure for preparing and serving tea. It is steeped in Zen Buddhism and is designed to focus the senses to the present moment. VIDEO

The English tradition of high tea dates back to the days of the industrial revolution. The meal was called “high tea” because it was served on the dinner table (the high table) as opposed to the tea table (the low table). VIDEO

To most tea lovers, any time is tea time, but in many countries the term “tea time” has come to mean a particular time of day when work stops for a leisurely cup of tea.

Chinese tea is popular around the world. There are many reasons for this – it tastes great, it’s a refreshing pick-me-up, and it’s healthy.