Though they may not be magic elixirs, the hard data on the benefit of loose teas—black, green and white--developed and published by medical organizations, research institutes and laboratories, certainly suggests that the consumption of these products may indeed have wide-ranging medical benefits.

Tea is a delightful beverage with many health benefits. Beside being rich in antioxidants, tea is a very soothing drink, so drinking it when we are sick helps with our comfort level, which in turn can speed recovery.

Green tea offers many health benefits to those who drink green tea regularly. Besides offering antioxidant benefits, green tea is excellent as a weight loss supplement offering weight loss results and safety.

The cup of coffee has become a favorite eye-opening experience for most workaholics but there are plenty of alternatives which will keep you on your toes thanks to the new and improved view of nature’s oldest flavor brew: the tea leaf.

Oolong tea is receiving lots of publicity as a dieting aid but beware of exaggerated claims that it will "melt away the pounds." Oolong tea is NOT a magic solution for obesity.

Women who are regular tea drinkers are often concerned about the effects of tea on their unborn and nursing children. As a source of caffeine, tea can cause problems for both the fetus and the newborn baby. Does this mean that new mothers have to give up drinking tea?

Weight loss tea has been around for decades. Does it really work? Is it safe?

Green tea has many health benefits and is also useful for shedding extra pounds. Green tea increases the metabolism – important information for anyone trying to lose weight.

Kombucha tea is an “enhanced” tea beverage thought to have even more health benefits than regular tea.

The benefits of green tea have received widespread coverage but all this is old hat to tea drinkers in Asian countries. Traditional Chinese medicine holds that green tea has a positive effect on the 5 vital organs – especially the heart.

The health benefits of black tea are no less than those of green tea. In fact, all tea – green tea, oolong tea, and black tea – is good for us.

The Chinese have known it for centuries – the benefits of tea are numerous. Drinking tea will keep you healthy, prevent tooth decay, protect the skin and strengthen bones. VIDEO